The Gospel According to Christ

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The Gospel

According to Christ

M.W. Sphero

Available both in paperback and ebook formats.

What did Jesus teach that is contrary to much of modern-day organized religion?
The answers may very well surprise you.

The Gospel According to Christ reveals what Jesus actually taught without the influence of organized religion getting in the way. What were the very basics? What did he say about current issues facing both modern Christianity as well as the rest of the world today?

Jesus Christ’s teachings were in many ways quite different from much of what we see in today’s practicing forms of Christianity. If one considers what Christ taught apart from what is claimed by much of Christian-based organized religion today, one may very well reach very different conclusions from what is preached to us in this day and age regarding many issues of morality, dogma, and what is expected of a “good Christian”.

From decades of historic, scholarly, linguistic, and exhaustive research that includes some of the most renowned and established expert sources in their fields of study; this work focuses on what Christ actually taught, who he really was, and why he matters to modern times – while analyzing some surprising conclusions to many of today’s pertinent and fundamental questions such as:

  • Why might Christ utterly disagree with stringent religious views on premarital sex and “chastity rings”?
  • Who can we really trust in regards to a personal faith in a world of religious information overload?
  • What did Jesus say about homosexuality that directly refutes modern-day pious viewpoints?
  • How can we be expected to love our enemies, to forgive, and to “turn the other cheek”?
  • What is so different between Christ’s teachings in comparison to other philosophies?
  • What would Jesus say about today’s various forms of Christian fundamentalism?
  • How do we know whether Jesus was the prophesied-about Messiah of Judaism?
  • What does it mean to have a sincere belief in God by Christ’s own definition?
  • What would Christ say about modern cults and religious “control freaks”?
  • Who was Jesus Christ as a normal man, and why should we even care?
  • What would Christ say about those that might not have religious faith?
  • How reliable is the modern Bible to its older original manuscripts?
  • Did Christ command that we love ourselves as well as others?
  • What did Christ say about the so-called “end times”?
  • Who – or what – is the “word of God”?

The Gospel According to Christ is written for all inquisitive and open-minded readers alike — regardless of religious or non-religious belief — and utterly simplifies the Gospel of Christ into its core elements as based on Jesus’ teachings alone – and this completely apart from long-held ideas that organized religion may vehemently preach and shove at the world today. The result is an eye-opening and easy read that clears up many gray areas surrounding the subject of who Christ was, what he taught, and how his modern-day followers truly compare to his own teachings as based on a very simple faith that is not at all dependent on popular opinions, disproportional admonitions, nor religious domination.

This work brings Christ’s simplicity into view – while thoroughly answering some of the more difficult questions surrounding both him and his teachings – to the forefront of the 21st Century.

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